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Shea Moisture says, “For women who want to show-off the natural beauty of their hair and escape using chemically laden products but are unsure of how to make the transition and get the look they want [that’s me!], Shea Moisture is your answer.” The box contains four 4 oz. items: their Moisture Retention Shampoo, Restorative Conditioner, Deep Treatment Masque, and Strengthening Elixir.

Moisture Retention Shampoo: “Our gentle, all-natural shampoo will help soften, moisturize and repair damaged, over-processed hair. Apply shampoo to wet hair, gentle massage and work into a rich lather. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.” This shampoo was amazing! As it moisturizes, I could also feel it detangling my hair. Additionally, a small bit goes a long way. My scalp felt very clean and halfway detangled. I was excited to move on.

Restorative Conditioner: “Our all-natural, daily conditioner moisturizes and repairs dry, lifeless, over-processed and damaged hair. After shampooing, work conditioner through hair from roots to ends. Leave on hair for up to 1 minute, then rinse thoroughly, or leave on hair for up to 15 minutes for deeper conditioning. As a leave-in conditioner, work a dime-sized amount through damp hair, then style as desired.” After such a great experience with the shampoo, I was pretty disappointed with the conditioner. The slip just wasn’t good enough to help detangle my hair. I had a really rough time working my shampoo brush through it. Even though my hair was soaking wet, it had a dry feel to it. Total fail.

Deep Treatment Masque: “This rich treatment deeply moisturizes and repairs hair, while providing a protective barrier for the hair from heat and styling aids. After shampooing, massage into wet hair and leave on for 5-45 minutes. Add a plastic cap and moderate heat for deep penetration.” The first time I used the masque, I sat under my hair dryer with it for half an hour. The second time I used it, I applied it to wet hair and did a set of two-strand twists before I went to bed and rinsed it out in the morning. I can’t say I was amazed by the results. My hair felt good, but it didn’t feel as soft, manageable and moisturized as other deep conditioners had left it prior. The product is merely okay, in my eyes.

Strengthening Elixir: “Our intensely moisturizing and penetrating all-natural treatment helps repair damaged and dry hair. After styling, spray evenly into hair to seal the cuticle as well as add sheen, hydration and shine. May be used on wet hair only if hair is going to be air dried, not heat styled. Hair may be styled after thoroughly dry.” Sad to say, this product did not deliver on any of the items promised. There was no sheen, hydration or shine to my hair after use — and I tried it once after styling my hair dry and again wet letting it air dry. All it did was make my hair hard and crunchy.

I had heard nothing but good things about the Shea Moisture line, but these set of products really didn’t do anything positive for my hair, save the shampoo. I might have more luck with the curl and shine line, so I’m not ready to give up on Shea Moisture entirely. Review on the Shea Moisture Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie to come!


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