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EI + Active Harmonie Reparateur Glycerine Fine 16.8oz. In the range Active Harmonie Réparateur, QEI+ has elaborated a Fine Glycerin , rich of carrot oil

QEI+ Privilège Caviar Pearl Strong Toning Glycerin




In the range PRIVILEGE, QEI+ has elaborated a glycerin Fine with Caviar Pearl.
Enriched with sea benefits and the best vegetable toning extracts, after applying, you will feel its repairing and nourishing power on your skin.
The epidermis is immediatly protected and revitalised.
With its very special formula, the glycerin Fine will improve moisturisation, clarity and even your skin complexion.
It is recommended for all types of skin, preventing them from dryness, aging and wrinkles.
After carefully cleansing your skin with the QEI+ soap, apply the PRIVILEGE glycerin once or twice a day on your face and neck.
NOTE : Sometimes, the color of the product becomes darker. It is normal, due to the concentration of the active minerals and vegetals active make this reaction.
You can safely continue to use your glycerin.
16.8 oz/500ml
Recommended for dry skin type.


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