Makari Exclusive Active toning serum

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Lighten the discolored areas of your skin with Makari Toning Serum. Its advance lightening formula is enriched with plant extracts such as Organiclarine, which effectively helps your hyper pigmentation to fade over time, giving you a more radiant complexion to boost your confidence. This serum will definitely give you the most effective skin toning results whilst maintaining the quality of your skin.

Highly effective skin toning Serum made with Organiclarine
Formulated with all-natural lightening ingredients
Fights discoloration, dark spots, and uneven skin tone
Achieve lightened and a more even skin complexion
Free from bleach, chemicals and hydroquinone
The chemical-free formula leaves no room for safety issues, making Makari Toning Serum ideal for the most delicate of skin types. Use this body serum regularly just twice a week and get amazing skin with clear, bright and even skin tone.


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