Fair&white Whitening Vitamin C Lotion

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This transparent brightening lotion brightens skin, promoting a luminous glow and protects against environmental pollutants with powerful anti-oxidant Vitamin "C". Instantly reveals more radiant skin.

Exclusive Purifying Lotion with Pure Vitamin "C" is specifically formulated to tone and clear irritated prone skin with healing properties of anti-irritant, Allantoin. Brightens and protects skin against environmental pollutants with powerful firming anti-oxidant, Vitamin “C”.

Directions:  Apply small amount to clean face on cotton pad. Wipe over face morning and night, and let dry. Avoid eye area.

Recommendation:  Follow up with a minimum SPF 30 during and after brightening treatment.

Skin type:  All skin types

Main Ingredients:  Vitamin C and Allantoin


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