Hair relaxing or lanthionization, can be performed by a professional cosmetologist in a salon or at home relaxer kits purchased from discount stores and pharmacies. As with hair dye, is processed by the hair moves away from the scalp as new growth of untreated hair sprouts from roots, require periodic retreatment (approximately every 6 weeks) to maintain a uniform appearance.

The relaxer used the roots of the hair and remains in place for a "cooking" interval, where it changes the hair structure by a process of controlled damage to the protein structure. The hair can be severely hampered by the physical overlapping of several applications or by a single excessive one leads to brittleness, breakage or widespread alopecia.

When relaxer has worked to the desired extent, the hair is rinsed clean. Regardless of the formula relaxers are always alkaline, to some extent, so it is prudent to neutralize or even slightly acidify hair with an appropriate shampoo immediately afterwards. Prompt use of hair conditioner is also important to replace some of the natural oils that were stripped away by the process.

How to get a straight hair look

Step 1 - Preparation
After cleansing hair with BC Bonacure shampoo, apply Natural Pre-shared Styling to balance work and ensure an even result.

Step 2 - forming
Smooth offers a choice of three different products depending on the hair structure.

Step 3 - Treatment
Treatment time depends on the hair structure. In this phase the hair is changed from curly to flat.

Step 4 - fixing
Glatt Neutralizing Balm final ises in forming by fixing the straight look.

Step 5 - styling tips
OSiS Flatliner iron serum is used before blow-drying and using straightening irons.

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